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Italian women are brave, unrestrained and that bravery reflects on their fashion style. They are not interested in the rules because they have their own rules which they boldly follow. So, these are the women who were buttoned up to the throat in the age of low-cut dresses and tank tops.

They are guided by the slogan “when in doubt, overdress” because, for them, more is always more. We will be revealing the key stylistic moments that guide the Italian queens of street style.

These are the rules that are adopted and enamoured by them!

  • Oversized rings are their whim

While half of the world is obsessed with XL earrings, Italian women tend to spice up their outfits with oversized rings. The bigger the better, and if there is any room left on one of the fingers, they add a few more pieces. These women surely have been seen wearing gorgeous jewellery, and maybe the whole world should start following their steps too!

One hand wearing blue swarovski rings and the other hand wearing yellow swarovksi rings(IG: @giovannaengelbert)

  • You will rarely see them in sneakers

Italian gals are first and foremost ladies who weren’t afraid to experiment a little. Accordingly, when it comes to footwear, they will always choose a more elegant pair. Even when they choose sneakers, it is always in tune with the clothes they wear. So, if a floral dress is what they are wearing, then their sneakers will surely follow the delicate pattern of the dress and blend in well.

Luckily, our brand knows that women of style love to have a nice pair of sandals, so that is why you will be able to find our newest faux leather heeled sandals that will take your breath away. We made sure to choose timeless sandals that will never go out of style and which could crown any type of outfit.

Faux leather heeled sandals in black side profile

  • Sweatshirts in a completely different context

They said “yes” to sweatshirts but “no” to sports style. As you could see, these women tend to romanticize sporty-like pieces of clothing, and you could often see them fitting a sweatshirt with a mini skirt or wearing a delicate dress with a hoodie above it. Who said that high heels and hoodies cannot go together?

Giovanna Engelbert wearing an amber hoodie in an elevator whilst holding bags(IG: @giovannaengelbert)

Our collection could offer you a couple of hoodie dresses which you could combine with anything. Our personal favourite is the super longline hoodie dress that comes in black colour.

Front View of a black super longline hoodie dress

  • Leaving the house without sunglasses? A major no!

Sunglasses are an accessory without which Italian girls simply won’t leave their homes. Sunglasses have become an integral part of each of their outfits, as well as their own character. This accessory has all of the power to make you look like a true baddie effortlessly!

You can clearly see why these are unavoidable accessories!

Closeup of a womans face wearing sunglasses(IG: @giorgiatordini)

  • They aren’t afraid to wear white from head to toe

Of course, white can be a stiff colour and could be found boring. But, these ladies do not wear it in that way. In fact, they love to optimize the white by styling it themselves and playing around with different clothing pieces. A nice denim jacket or a long necklace made out of red pearls could go well with an elegant white dress.

So, if you have a white dress somewhere in your closet, but you often avoid it because you think that it looks too boring, there’s a way to spice it up. By following the Italian girls and adding a denim jacket to a white dress, you will make the whole boringness of white disappear. Our washed denim floral jacket could be just the right choice for you. Not only does it have embroidered red roses, but the whole jacket is also dark. The tiniest details on it could make your old, boring white dress pop and give it a new shine!

Front view of a black denim jacket with embroidered roses

  • They don’t take dresses so seriously

For Italian gals, an uncomfortable dress does not exist. As a matter of fact, the wrongly styled one doesn’t exist either. See how Gilda Ambrosio perfectly shows how to wear a velvet maxi dress with an oversized shirt.

This is how trends are made. So, why don’t you try to combine any of your favourite dresses with some of your favourite tank tops? Who knows, you might create a beautiful outfit!

Gilda Ambrosio wearing a pink oversized maxi with a blue shirt underneath whilst crossing the road(IG: @la_bugia_bianca)

We sure know that one of our dresses, the jungle print maxi dress, in particular, could maybe make a great outfit combination if worn with one of our C’est la vie oversized t-shirts. Sounds kind of absurd, but, if popular women can wear it, so can you! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different clothing pieces!

  • Be bold

Well, if there is anything these bold Italian ladies can teach us, is that we should all get over the phase of blindly following popular trends. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and stand out of the crowd by experimenting with your style a little.

The summer season is also a favourite season among everyone since it offers a handful of pieces of clothing and accessories. And, since summer isn’t over yet, there’s no better time than now to start experimenting with clothes.

Go ahead, and make your own creation! We would love to hear which pieces from our collection could be combined to form a not so “normal” outfit. Let us hear all about it!

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