5 fashion tips for women over 50 who want to look better (not younger)

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If the years go by and your style keeps staying the same, know that you're making a crucial mistake not trying to better style your outfits. Learning to do so could do wonders for your overall looks.

By the time you reach your fifties, you already have all of the strings in your hands, what you need now is just a cherry on the top of the cake. You certainly know what you want, you've probably figured out what works best for you (in every field), and it's finally time to put yourself first- whether that means focusing on your career, hobbies, family, or starting to learn something completely new.

In the continuation, we will be giving you tips on how to upgrade your style and simply look your best while proudly carrying with you the years you have. 

 Close up of brown, white and burgundy knitwear

Upgrade your knitwear collection

The wider, the better- is an attitude you should use to enrich your new collection of winter pieces. Forget about synthetics. What really looks effective and worthy of your age is a soft, luxurious knit that costs more and is worth three times more than anything you have worn so far.

Follow Sarah Jessica Parker's steps and find yourself just the perfect knitwear piece which you will adore. 

 a pair of gold earrings with a green gem each on a light blue gradient background

Wear something green

A decade of power deserves a powerful colour. Find the right shade of green for your skin tone and have endless fun with it. A small accessory, such as a green pendant on the neck can be a very decent addition, but at the same time, a very effective way to emphasize your appearance. Try adding green to your everyday outfits in small amounts, and if you are ready, go for the green right away!

Luckily, here at WearHouse, we have apparel for everyone and are sure that our Jungle Maxi Dress could be the absolute perfect green choice for you. If you are bold enough to wear green, we dare you to do it. But, if green isn't a colour you're digging, you could check out the purple version of this dress for a more exotic look.

 3 fabrics with similar floral designs but in different colours (blue, red and yellow)

Embrace the colours

Shades of grey may seem like a good foundation, but keep in mind that light and bold colours can beautify your skin tone even more. If you can wear your favourite shade of red lipstick (which is considered mandatory for women over the age of 50) into your outfit, the result of combining colours will surely be even better.

Don't be afraid to experiment with non-classic shades like turquoise, dark orange, or salmon. These are all colours that will perfectly go with the attitude of a sophisticated, modern woman. 

Sandra Bullock is the gall you should be looking up to. This lady has never been afraid to experiment with different shades and wear all kinds of colours. Until now, all of her outfits were quite a success and received many ovations from the public. She is one of many examples that even galls over fifty could wear happy shades and still look fabulous while doing so!

 Pair of black high heels facing each other with a red narrow shoe box in the background

Million-dollar shoes

This subtitle is only here to get your attention, but the message is probably more than clear- it's necessary to have that one quality pair of shoes that could be worn with any type of outfit. If you are not able to afford anything close to Carrie Bradshaw's shoe closet, you could still find just a great alternative.

 Go for the classic colours such as black, white or grey if you intend on wearing bright colours on your upper body. On the other hand, if your overall outfit consists out of regular, or neutral colours, try finding a pair of shoes that have a nice pattern, or are made in striking colours. Either way, a nice pair of shoes will be your best ally for establishing a complete, astonishing look.

Since the autumn and winter seasons are just around the corner, you could start thinking about getting a nice pair of boots that could go with any outfit. We have an excellent recommendation for you- our faux leather ankle boots. These ones could surely go well with all of the colours, even the bold ones!

 body proud

Highlight your waist or one body part that's not your favourite

Slightly shorter tops that come on the line between the waist and the top of your hips can create a thinner and more elongated silhouette that can emphasize your natural curves. However, if this central part of your body is not your favourite, choose high-waisted shirts to visually lengthen them, or wear a nice pair of high-waisted jeans. We have a few similar pairs in our collection:


Change can be good

We know that some people don't like change significantly when changing one's style. However, change can be an excellent thing. Changing the way you dress even slightly can make you feel refreshed and give you a whole different appearance to people. So, freshening up your wardrobe should not be something you fear doing. Try something new and see the benefits of it. We highly encourage you to do so!


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