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2021 Dresses List spring Top 4 trends

Getting a new dress is always welcome, especially in the springtime. The abundance of prints and colours make the choices varied and interesting, especially for those who are looking for some pieces to make a real statement. As the spring season is already here, now is the perfect time to stock up on some cute dresses that you will happily wear through the warmer seasons.

The fashion dominant for this spring puts dresses as one of the most desired type of fashion garment. They are lightweight and stylish, delivering a chic and effortless look. The length options they come in perfectly combines the ability to accessorize and choose different types of footwear. So, here are the top 4 types of dresses that will be big this spring and you need them in your closet ASAP!

 4 vibrantly coloured dresses for spring for women

Vibrant colours and prints

Spring is the season that is always associated with colour and prints. It's the time when all our fashion creativity is starting to wake up, inspiring us to try out something new, make a change and use more colour in our fashion options. As for the dresses, the abundance of hues and prints and their variety is so great, that everyone can find their pick. The best ones are the dresses with strong, vibrant colours, that will deliver that needed pop of colour. However, be sure to choose colours that totally compliment your natural complexion. The style of the dress is totally up to you - maxi, midi or mini, wear it how you like it!

 closeup picture of a womans torso whilst she wear a white dress and her right hand is showing

White dress

White dresses never go out of style. Particularly popular during the summer season, this is also an absolute must-have piece for this spring season. The true defining feature of a white dress is that it's effortless. No matter the type and the style, it always looks great and smart and therefore a definite staple for every wardrobe. It works both as a day and night option, and the styling possibilities are pretty much endless. And just remember to include some vibrant coloured accessories to really seal the deal.

 Mini dress with square geometric design and grey thigh high boots on a pink pastel background

The mini dress

Although the midi length dress has been emphasised over the mini dress in fashion over the last few seasons, the mini dress itself is almost a timeless piece, and one of the most popular choices during the warmer seasons. This Spring, the "fashionsphere" suggests wearing '80s inspired designs that will have some interesting details such as puffy or oversized sleeves, voluminous skirts, and interesting colour choices or prints.

 Smart casual midi dress

Day-time chic

Being chic during the day with a fabulous dress is something that might transform your entire outfit. Think smart casual meets dress. These are the dresses that are feminine and sophisticated, a great choice for the contemporary woman who can style them either with heels or flats.

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