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Spring colour trends for 2021

As the spring season is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get prepared for some colourful outfits! For all those fashionistas that are looking for more vibrant ensembles, this Spring brings a bunch of playful hues. The perfect blend of the stronger and lighter shades, alongside some unexpected colour entries, is definitely something to look forward to.

We at WearHOUSE are already ahead of you and we have prepared the biggest colour trends for the upcoming Spring 2021 season:

womens yellow outfit

Bright yellow

Yellow is the colour of the year for 2021. It's a happy, vibrant and bold shade. Just in time for the upcoming sunnier and warmer days, yellow is a strong colour that will brighten fashion outfits and the overall vibe. It's a great choice for dresses, monochromatic outfits, and different accessories.

flatlay image of a light pink mini dress light pink bag and white shoes

Light pink

Pink is the colour of the spring, season after season. The top shade for this season is light pink. It comes as a very feminine and stylish choice, always bringing a special romantic vibe. For those who find the light pink shade not very palatable, a bold fuchsia is also a very trendy choice.

Coral hue fabric

Bold orange

Shifting focus away from our star colour yellow for a second, but keeping those playful tones, we have a new and unexpected colour entry - orange. Yes, orange! It is defined as one of the most prevalent colours for the Spring 2021 season. Shades that lie between burnt orange and coral hues complement all different skin tones, making it perfect for the Spring/Summer season.



silver coloured skirt hanging on a clothing rail

Shiny silver

Over the last few years, silver was one of the shades that were pushed as a daily choice. Although it was mainly present during the winter seasons, the newest trends put shiny silver as a party colour, in head-to-toe looks, both for day and night.

white clothes hanging on a clothing rail against a white background

Forever white

No fashion season can go without the presence of the colour white. This time, instead of for the Summer, white comes as a popular colour trend for the Spring season. Always elegant, chic, and stylish, white head-to-toe looks are something to look forward to - a completely white outfit, when done right, will  deliver a minimalist and sleek sophisticated aesthetic.

Light green mini dress and accessories

Pale green

Green is a calming shade that has been a bit absent from fashion. The upcoming Spring colour trends put the accent on several interesting green hues such as light seafoam and mint. There are also different green choices available for those who simply prefer something else, such as emerald and olive green.


Got all that done fashionistas? Good cause there's more where that came from. Stay tuned as always for more fashion tips and look out as we're soon bringing a whole lot more products to our online store!

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