Getting confident with outfit design

How to Outfit

Designing an outfit is a creative process that requires skill and high fashion awareness. It's more than just putting a few pieces together. It requires thinking outside the box and conveying your idea through the clothes that you design.

When it comes to design contests, the secret of winning one or at least coming close to it depends on many factors. Here's a quick guide that will help you nail that perfect outfit by explaining all the things you need to watch out for.


Nailing the occasion to which your design will be perfect and suitable is crucial. Tailoring your outfits aesthetic is a must - what's the point of lovely stilettos if the theme is 'another day at the office' for example. Depending on the event, the design must fit the cause – if it is a formal event, the outfit must be elegant, smart, and official. In other words, following the theme can make or break an outfit!




"UGG boots? Check. Cute top? Check check. Cashmere lined trench coat? Triple check! Wait...what was the budget again?"

Does that sound familiar to you? It can be difficult to control your budget for an outfit when appearances are the goal. Overspending on an outfit can be catastrophic for your own wallet and all that time spent on perfecting your ideal look is gone - wasted.

The next time you're putting together an outfit try the following:

  • Choose the centrepiece of the design. Is it a French designed quilted overcoat? Maybe just a simple and timeless pullover jumper. Identify it. This sets the base cost of your outfit. You'll then know how much you have left to play with.
  • Pick a few items for the same purpose (let's say a few scarves for example) but at different price ranges. Chances are that you might be able to find a similar (yet cheaper!) alternative to that perfect expensive scarf you initially chose.



Besides the points mentioned above, the fit that your design will have is also very connected to a successful result. If you are designing for yourself, keep in mind your own body shape and how these clothing items will look on your body.

Fits can affect how your outfit is interpreted. An overall loose and baggy outfit creates a sense of being laid-back and easy, whereas clean lines and a tighter fit really shows you that someone is dressed to look the best!

You could also play around with fits within the same outfit! The next time you're using your favourite outfit builder, try putting together a nice baggy pair of pants with a tighter fitting, tucked in, t-shirt. See how extra emphasis is placed on the top half of the body? We do too.

All of this will help you in choosing the right fit that will really sell your outfit and make you (and us!) proud of it.

Fabric, prints, colours

Choosing the right and suitable colours and prints that will suit the occasion and the theme is crucial in designing the perfect look and making you a successful designer. Fancy a tried and tested spring/summer favourite? Go for a floral pattern. Or maybe you'd like your outfit to be a little...louder. In that case, opt for an all-over print!

Taking into consideration the variety of prints, motifs, and colours, and putting them together in an outfit that will be your masterpiece also speaks a lot about your fashion awareness.

By utilising some of the tips here, your outfit styling game should have a lot more substance. If you do ever design your own outfit after being helped out by this blog, make sure to DM or tag us on Instagram @wearhousefashion_uk! Happy styling people!

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