What to wear for a job interview as a working woman

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Dressed for success: What to wear on a job interview?

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All of us know that it’s not easy finding the dream job. But once you do, and you get an interview, you probably want to leave a good impression on your future bosses, right? A good outfit is able to present you in the best light possible, make you feel confident, and most importantly, make you look like a responsible person that deserves that job.

Why is it important to dress well for a job interview?

Some of you might say that you have enough qualifications for your job and that looking good on an interview is clearly not that important. The qualifications part is absolutely true, but the first impression happens in the first seven seconds after you meet someone, and it can hardly change later. So, why not look professional, powerful, and show your interviewer that you are up for the task? The clothes you wear can do precisely that.

What to wear on a job interview if you are a woman?

It’s already known that women have more options in finding the perfect professional outfit than men. Of course, your job interview outfits can vary depending on what kind of job you are applying for. But, there are still some “rules” that should be respected while dressing for an interview. You can never go wrong with a simple pair of pants and a not-revealing shirt. Just make sure that your outfit does not look dull, or else your interviewer might think the same.

Again, try to stick to the basics and stick to those timeless clothing pieces. They are known for being elegant and professional.

Have in mind that if you really want to get that job, you might need to invest in some quality clothes. You for sure do not want to come to an interview and look unprofessional. This investment will, without doubt, be one that you won’t regret. Even more, we are definite that you will love it.

It’s more important to purchase good quality clothes rather than the brand. So, when going to a job interview, try wearing clothes that do not have any big brand logos attached to them.

Clothes you should wear on a job interview:

  • A blazer
  • A suit
  • A black, sophisticated dress
  • High heels
  • A good quality, sophisticated bag
  • A white shirt
  • A skirt that is below knee length

When choosing your outfit, try to avoid using bold colors. Instead of them, stick to the neutral, nude ones. Pastel colors are also a great choice when it comes to blouses. Forget about wearing super high heels, as they might make you look like you are going to a nightclub rather than applying for a job.

Here are some clothing pieces that can easily be a part of a perfect outfit for a job interview:

1. Cream Turtle Neck Ribbed Top

cream polo neck top womens
2. Double Button High Waisted Skinny Jeans

 womens high waisted jeans

3. Cropped Blazer With Lapel Collar

light blue cropped blazer womens

Another tip that we can give you is to make sure your manicure is in order. Nails make you look clean. So, make sure to do your manicure right before your interview. Of course, less is more, do not make your nails super long!

When it comes to bags, you should always bring a handbag to an interview rather than a backpack. Here at WearHouse, we can offer you many suitable handbags, like this minimalistic Black & White Tote Handbag that goes with anything!

 black and white tote handbag

  • Clothes to avoid wearing on a job interview:
  • Too high, high heels
  • Open blouses that show cleavage
  • Too short dresses or skirts
  • Backpacks

Should you accessorize?

    Do not be afraid to add a little bit of spice to your outfits but try not to over-accessorize! Accessories are known for being good taste and style pointers. A nice, elegant wristwatch could be just the right thing that your outfit needs.

    Wristwatches are timeless details that will absolutely take your simple outfit to a whole new level. Besides, a person who wears wristwatches is a correct, on time, responsible person. These are all of the traits of a good, hard-working person.

    To achieve an even more business look, bring your laptop case with you. Since we live in the modern age, laptops and computers have unquestionably become parts of our everyday lives. During the pandemic, many businesses have moved their offices online. By bringing your laptop and laptop case with you, you will be leaving an impression on your interviewer, saying that you are a person who cares about her job very much and is dedicated.

    And lastly, if you bring an agenda with you on the interview, you will have the ability to write down all of the important parts of it. On top of that, your future employer will know that you are an organized person who cares and respects her and other people’s valuable time.

    Final words

    Whatever you end up wearing on your job interview, the important thing is to feel comfortable and good in that outfit! Even if your outfit is looking fire, in order for it to give off a professional look, you should feel great in it!

    When we feel comfortable, we tend to give off confident energy, and therefore, your chances of getting that job are increasing!

    If you decide to wear perfume on your interview, try not to put too much of it make it subtle!

    And, when it comes to makeup, stick to the basics and do not put too much of it because you will end up rather unprofessional.

    We wish you the best of luck with your interview!

    Stay fab,

    The WearHOUSE team

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