Fashion Trends Coming This Fall In 2021

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Fall trends we will indeed embrace this autumn season

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Even though summer started a month ago, the fashion universe has begun to, in its proper form, already propagate new fashion narratives for the season that is ahead of us. And just like that, we will slowly start to turn from summer dresses collections to collections for the fall of 2021. So that we could be prepared and on time for the season that's up ahead, let's see which top trends will await us!


shiny black midi dress with long sleeves, a v neck, and a ruffled effect

  • Going back to black

As usual, black will open up a new/old chapter in the autumn 2021 season. As you already know, black shows moderation, decency and is a reflection of good taste. Besides that, the colour black can hide all of our insecurities easily. If you have been feeling a little insecure during the summer months, there's nothing black dresses, shirts, and trousers can't hide, and that'll make you feel confident again.

The manifestation of women's emancipation is undoubtedly the little black dress and was also the first step in history towards the liberation of individuality. As seen on many runways today, we can surely tell that we will all be wearing black with pride this fall!

For those who admire and adore black dresses, our team here at the WearHOUSE has stocked a fetching pleated shoulder wrap-up mini dress. Trust us, this dress is perfect for the following season. But, be careful, this dress is made only for the bold ones!

Of course, on our website, you will also be able to find a few other full-black pieces that could complete your fall wardrobe.


womens beige blazer and trouser co ord with a belt bag

  • The timeless blazer

Ever since blazers entered the women's wardrobe back in the 80s, they have never left it! These pieces of clothing are one of the most applicable and aesthetically most exciting clothing items. Since this is a piece of clothing that resists time, blazers are an inexhaustible source for designers and fashion lovers. The small changes in the design and styling over time gave blazers the power to completely transform one person's silhouette while she wears it. That's precisely why these clothing pieces have been popular for quite some time. And, by the looks of it, blazers will remain in our closets.

The new autumn season will bring us layered clothing, so the key is to combine blazers with a skirt or a vest. On top of that, a critical accessory should be a scarf!

On our website, you will be able to spot a perfect beige cropped blazer that comes in a combo with belted trousers. The best thing about blazers is that both long, cropped, and oversized ones will be trendy! So, if you have grandmas or mothers who were teenagers during the 70s or 80s, you could easily go through their old closets and snatch a few vintage blazers (with their permission, of course!). 


white asymmetrical cami tie dress with floral design

  • Life in colours

Vibrant shades will closely follow us from the summer season right into the autumn one. It's impossible not to notice the cheerful colours in rich forms. Lemon shades are expected to take over the mid of September, as well as all of the brighter colours. We could say that vibrant shades will help colour the dark autumn sky and make us feel just as cheerful as we have felt during the summer! The accent will surely be on vibrant shades, but don't forget the nude ones. Nude is always in style.

If the weather serves us well during the first month of fall, and the temperatures don't become too cold right away, some of our summer clothes could easily become a temporary part of the fall wardrobe. So, don't put your summer dresses away during September; you might have a chance to wear them!

Our brand can offer you dozens of vibrant dresses with different patterns. And, since summer is still lasting, and the temperatures have been pretty high lately, your wardrobe could surely use a little bit of refreshment in the form of a dress.

Take a look at one of our white floral asymmetrical cami dress that will surely take your breath away. Not only is it comfortable, but it is also a maxi dress. Curious to know how to rock a maxi dress during the colder months? Then check out our blog post here.

  • When in doubt- go for midi

Even though midi dresses and skirts have been this year's summer trend, the great thing is that this trend will follow us right into the next season as well.

The versatility of the midi length is reflected in its ability to easily be combined with other clothing items. This length can be called ideal because it emphasizes the figure and suits almost all women. From pleated skirts in various patterns to romantic corners, this season will be all about femininity!

You can find different styles of midi dresses on our website.

  • Fall's favourites

Last year, we learned a lesson about comfortable clothing and all the lounge-tastic (yes, that's a word now) brilliance they can bring us. And this fall, we will be happy to turn back to natural materials and unrestrained forms of clothes. Wool and cashmere are the materials that dominate the catwalks. Natural and earthy colours will undoubtedly be this season's top choice too. Infinitely flattering knits perfectly illustrate fall pieces of clothing, which do not necessarily have to be a part of our day but also a part of our evening outfits.

Of course, there's still a lot of time until fall takes the lead, but it's never too early to start preparing new outfits. Be ahead of anyone, and you will always look chic and trendy!

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