5 trends that will keep you stylish and fashionable this fall/winter season

autumn leather loungewear

We know and understand that a busy lifestyle and hectic daily routine don’t always allow you to keep up with all the changing fashion trends. Work duties, home duties and always being in rush can be exhausting and there’s simply not enough time for fashion and the newest trends. The constant struggle of women to always look good and keep up with everything was an inspiration for us at Wearhouse Online to help out! And if you were wondering what’s currently happening in terms of fashion trends, here’s a quick overview that will help you in choosing your next styling outfits.


Not a fall season passes without the presence of leather. This season, fashion trends put leather as a must-have fabric that comes in all different colors and options. Everything from coats to skirts and shirts is stylish. Even head to toe leather looks!

The Leather Trend For Winter 2020-Must have leather trends of the season

(Source (left to right): @thepinkdiary, garmentory, fashion-landscape)


Leggings are a fashion piece that women just adore. Their elasticity and comfortability fit the body so well that they provide a feeling of having a second skin. Current fashion trends put leggings in a casual and relaxed style which speaks of their popularity and shifting away from being only a sports piece. These faux leggings pair great with bomber jackets, oversized sweaters, and hoodies and are the perfect relaxed and unofficial choice for daily errands.

How leggings as pants is fast becoming one of the biggest - and most  controversial - trends of 2020

(Source: us.boohoo.com, chasingdaisiesblog, thezoereport)


Brown and beige

This colour combination is perhaps the best combo if you want to combine fall with minimalism. The warm shades that resemble the colour of delicious coffee and the desert come as an inspiration to the fall look. Pairing one beige piece, with the other piece being a rich warm chocolate colour, is very classy and chic - a timeless combo perfect for every day.

Leather Fashion Trend - Fab and Cozy outfits for 2020

(Source: bananarepublic.gap.com / @cottncandy)

Maxi dress

Maxi dresses are not exclusively suitable and proper for the summer season. On the contrary, they are the perfect choice for the fall season, because they bring an unexpected fashion outfit. The maxi dress provides a quick and fashionable look, and whether it comes in one color or a print, the look is fabulous. Pair the maxi dress with a short leather jacket and heeled boots.

Mint the Spring/Summer 2020 colour Trend

(source: fortheloveofstationery.com)


There's no denying it - home wear is in! A combination of previous trends, cold weather and government restrictions means one thing - loungewear is necessary for every woman! Why only wear some 5 year old pyjamas when you could wrap yourself in quality, sumptuous materials designed to keep you warm and accentuate your features? Trends come and go, but one things for sure, loungewear is timeless and should be a staple in every woman's wardrobe!

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Fashion Trends

(source: polyvore.com, Us!, pinterest)

Well there we have it – 5 fashion trends for the autumn season to help you look fabulous! Even though you might be staying at home most of the time now, there’s still much benefit in dressing well indoors. Dressing well helps you feel good, keeps you in a happier state of mind, and a few compliments from someone you’re living with won’t hurt either!

So how did we do on our first blog post? Was it relevant enough? Did we keep it short yet informative? Let us know by DMing us on Instagram @wearhousefashion_uk or emailing us at admin@wearhouseonline.com.

Remember - dress fancy, feel fancy!






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