5 styling tips that will get you the most classy outfits every time

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Fashion and style go hand in hand. However, with ever-changing fashion trends, season after season, some might find it hard to maintain their look when trying to follow a particular style or aesthetic. Well, if there is one thing that fashion critics suggest, it's to not follow trends blindly. Rather you should carefully and tastefully incorporate them into your own fashion style.

We have all seen those women who look so polished and chic, and if you look deeper, you'll find that they don't wear mega outrageous or extraordinary garments. The secret to their good look is proper styling and choosing which clothes they wear wisely. So, if you're on the path to making your outfit look more classy and stylish, these 5 styling tips will definitely help you.

  1. Choose classic fabrics

There are many different kinds of fabrics on the market, but few are those that deliver the effect of making the most sophisticated looking clothing items.

Cotton, wool, silk, and linen, are considered the best choices regarding the look they provide on clothes. Besides their timeless quality and style, they can easily be paired and matched with other fabrics and create wonderful outfits. These four natural textiles have added benefits over man-made fabrics too! Clothing made from natural fibres don't cling to the body, they're tightly woven and yet breathable, and free from contact with any potentially harmful substances during manufacture - a big bonus there for your health and wellness.

  1. Opt for neutrals

Colour is always good for making an outfit pop, but if you're afraid of experimenting with shades you haven't used before, you can never go wrong with the neutrals. White, beige, navy, grey, and black are the colours that are perfect for creating minimalist, clean, and smooth fashion looks. They also deliver excellent monochromatic outfits. 

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  1. Accessorize, but don't over accessorize

Jewellery should be carefully dosed and styled. Since it's an accessory, it is best to keep its presence visible, but not too dominant. For a classy and stylish look, go for small pearl stud earrings or hooped pearl earrings, delicate bracelets, stacked rings, and long pendant necklaces. These pieces are sure to elevate your look to a more tasteful level. 



  1. Dress according to your body shape

There is no greater fashion mistake than not dressing according to your body shape! The clothes you wear should flatter your figure, and that is why, you should always choose what you wear carefully. Don't choose something just because it's trendy - make sure you consider everything from the material to the fit. What works for one person won't necessarily work for another because we're all different!



  1. Overexposure is not classy

A classy outfit never involves deep cleavages and high-slits. Although this might sound a bit behind the times, overexposure is a big “NO” when it comes to dressing classy and elegant.

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Start with these styling tips and see how your style and fashion perception change for the better.

Not everyone's a fashion influencer or a model for Burberry. Sometimes it can be hard to try and follow style advice such as this. Either we don't have the time to act on what we learnt or our wallets don't allow for it. Trying to bring all 5 tips might be difficult at first so try this - just pick 1 tip that really stood out to you and try to act on that first. Save this article and then start implementing the other 4 tips over time and it should be a bit more manageable. And as always, see you in our next article!

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