5 Key fashion trends that are expected to rule in 2021

2021 top 5 trends

5 Key fashion trends that are expected to rule in 2021

The New Year brings novelties in every department, especially when it comes to the fashion industry. Fashion trends are the ones that are constantly changing and delivering the much-needed difference and varsity in looks and outfits for fashion lovers. Although many fashion critics suggest not to blindly follow trends, it is always good to keep up with them and find something that suits your fashion style.


To get you a jump start on the new trends for 2021, WearHOUSE has prepared a quick guide to introduce you to the 5 key fashion trends that are expected to be seen this 2021. Take a look!

pastel colours 

Sorbet Hues


The presence of colours is very important in the fashion industry because colours have the power to make an outfit more interesting and unique. Pastels are a great way to add the desired colour if you want to stay in the direction of the soft and neutral tone. The sorbet shades for that matter are an excellent choice. Light pinks and blues are an excellent choice for flaunting this trend.

 wide leg jeans women


Wide-Leg Jeans


The popularity of wide-leg jeans has returned after its long absence. From the last season, this trend could be spotted out on the streets. The loose cut and the flattering lines make these jeans a great option to add a retro vibe into modern outfits.

 womens oversized shirts


Over-sized Shirts


The trend of over-sized garments doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Upcoming trends put an emphasis on shirts as the most appealing over-sized pieces. They come in long, over-sized models, with front buttoning. The styling of these shirts is quite easy due to the variety of colours and patterns available and also because of how easy they are to incorporate layering with. They look great with pants, jeans and even with full skirts. These garments are great for those who flaunt a minimalist fashion style.

 womens puffer jacket adidas stella mccartney


Sports outerwear


The presence of the pandemic has put a special tone on the fashion industry, making sports garments dominate everyone's style. Keeping up in the same tone and vibe, sports attire will dominate again this 2021. The focus will be on athleisure lightweight outfits like anoraks, warm-up jackets, hoodies, and other pieces that will make leisure and sporty outfits cooler and comfortable.

 womens slip on shoes

Source top to bottom:(Timberland, Michael Kors, Boden)

Slip-on shoes


The footwear department is expecting a transition from the at-home slippers and sneakers, to slip-on shoes in the form of mules, low-cut sneakers, and sleek loafers. They are chic and fashionable and above all, comfortable, so be sure to bag some for your own shoe collection!


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